Tripps Travel Network believes all travelers should experience the majesty of the Great Pyramid. One of the wonders of the world these majestic giants testify to a culture long gone. Who were these builders and where did they go? The Great Pyramid is located in El Giza, Egypt and this is the third largest city in Egypt. Full of cosmopolitan flair, enjoy fine dining, the best in lodging and all the frills of modernity. Travel away from the city limits and be taken back into time. See how nomads have lived in this desert for centuries. Definitely something every traveler should experience.

Tripps Travel Network is sharing with travelers the beautiful island country of the Dominican Republic. This tropical beauty is warm all winter long. If travelers are tired of the snow they should check out the Dominican Republic. This island gem is located on the island of Hispaniola, and shares the island with Haiti. Many famous baseball players come from here as this is a favorite pastime just as it is in the US. So travelers from the US should feel right at home visiting our appreciative neighbor. Surrounded by beaches and relaxing island culture, take in a vacation in the Dominican Republic in a luxury condo.

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