Tripps Travel Network understands that vacationers wish to spend as little time at TSA checkpoints and airports as possible, so they have provided a list of tips to aid travelers in dealing expediently with airport situations.

Tripps Travel Network Save Time at the Airport (2)

Tripps Travel Network realizes that with all of the benefits that flying offers also brings stress and, annoyances that they may have to deal with.

To better help these travelers on vacation, Tripps Travel Network suggests that vacationers go over the following suggestions, as they plan flights and book their vacation dreams locations.

Tripps Travel Network recommends researching about their airline’s regulations before they start packing.  Airline rules change often and vary from company to company depends on who you choose.

Sizes and carry-on dimensions change all the time. Nobody wants to arrive at the counter to be told their luggage is not the right size, or has too many items of luggage and must downsize it all. This will not only add to your already intense stress levels but will frustrate you to no avail. With a little research airline regulations days in advance, travelers will be able to zip right through baggage check-in.

Another airport tip that Tripps Travel Network found for it members is to arrive early, or they may give your seat away.

In regards to carry-on bags, Tripps Travel Network suggests that vacationers bring along some essential items that are often overlooked while packing.
Keep your meds with you at all times never check them. If you land in another country good luck trying to get your scripts filled.

Keep your liquids to a small travel size anything over 3 ounces will be taken from you. So don’t bring that expensive bottle of cologne or perfume.

The biggest lifesaver tip is DVT deep vein thrombosis this can cause a blood clot while sitting in one position too long. Ask your dr what you might want to take a baby aspirin is maybe all you need and buy compression socks that may save your life.

At Tripps Travel Network we understand how short life can so be safe.