Tripps Travel Network Reviews the top thing to do while visiting a destination. Seattle is a beautiful place to visit for all travelers, couples, and families, but on family vacations, it can be a little tricky to know what attractions to visit. If you love Seattle, here are some areas to enjoy on a family vacation.

Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market is one of Seattle’s most well-known attractions, with massive crowds on weekends year-round. Therefore, it is not only a tourist attraction, but also many locals buy their produce and meat at the market that makes it a food hub to the locals. Among the must-see attractions at Pike Place are the fish-throwers at Pike Place Fish Market, the very first Starbucks location, and do not forget to spend some time strolling and listening to the people selling arts and crafts.

Tripps Travel Network Reviews Things to do in Seattle (3)

Tripps Travel Network recommends visiting Pike Place Market

Seattle Ferries

Seattle is one of the few American cities, which have a viable and accessible ferry system. Many Seattle residents commute five days per week on the ferries. A fun half-day adventure is to take one of the ferries across Puget Sound for lunch, then coming back on a return trip in the afternoon. You get a great view of Seattle, and it is definitely a unique experience.

Washington University

Located north of Downtown, the University is one of the premier colleges in the country, and it is well -known as one of the most beautiful campuses in the world. With a few structures over 100 years old, plus many tree-lined brick paths, it’s a sightseer (and photographers) delight.

Seattle Underground

The Seattle Underground tour is a fun and educational attraction that everyone should go on at least once. Taking you through subterranean Seattle, the tour guides are often hilarious, and the tour itself is fascinating.


Whether you love or hate the architectural design, the Experience Music Project is a fascinating way to spend a few hours. Especially if they have an exhibit of interest. EMP has dozens of glitzy outfits from music’s past, plus displays, old music, and plenty of games to keep the little ones interested.

Seattle Waterfront

The Seattle Waterfront with a combination of a ferry ride or tour of Pike Place Market is worth seeing. With some fun new sights such as the Olympic Sculpture Park, as well as some crazy old shops and restaurants, the waterfront is truly a lot of fun.

Downtown Seattle

Many visitors skip downtown Seattle for other more well-known attractions, but the downtown Seattle is very accessible, with short blocks and big, mostly covered sidewalks. There are some great malls (Pacific Place and Westlake to name two), and some historic buildings. A visit to the Nordstrom which has excellent restaurants, plenty of street performers, and tons of fun people watching, is something worth your money.

Tripps Travel Network suggest checking out Seattle To sum it all, Seattle is a great family destination. There are plenty of fascinating attractions for kids of all ages, great parks, and eateries, and the weather is much better. After vacation, all the visitors think of becoming permanent Seattle residents because of the fun they go through.

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