Tripps Travel Network Pompeii is a favorite tourist destination in Italy for many reasons and one of the most visited archeology sites in the entire world. Once a bustling town, in 79 AD, Pompeii’s fate was sealed with the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. One reason that Pompeii is so famous is that it is very easy to reach by other major Italian cities. Pompeii is a popular UNESCO World Heritage site that is only about 30 mins away from Naples, 45 minutes from Sorrento, and approximately 3 hours from Rome.

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When traveling to Pompeii, Tripps Travel Network recommends that you hire a guide, either to visit with a small group or an individual guide. There is so much history to learn that having a local guide will help you understand the typical life of the city residents before the eruption of the volcano in 79 AD that covered the town in volcanic ash and killed more than 2000 of its residents. Precious few accounts of what happened are available, but one witness said that darkness filled the town and the dust poured across the land and covered the city in a thick layer of dust.

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Pompeii Ruins

When traveling to Pompeii, you will want to bring a certain amount of supplies as there is not much to purchase once you arrive. Other than the maps to the city and offers for tour guides there is not much offered at the site. Since a significant amount of the city has been excavated and is accessible, you will probably want to spend a good amount of time exploring this site. For this reason, all of the locals recommend bringing both drinks and food with you as well as sunscreen and possibly a sun hat, as not much is offered at the actual historical site.

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The old kitchen

Once you arrive in Pompeii, there is plenty to see and do which is why to understand everything that you see; you should hire either a personal guide or go with a group tour. There are temples, a forum, large homes of the rich, slave and workmen homes and also meeting places. Many of the structures still contain the personal articles of the owners such as furniture, vases and other various belongings. This is part of what makes visiting this site so surreal because you can get an idea of what daily life was like for those living in the city before the disaster happened. There is a mausoleum that contains the bodies of some of the residents who were sleeping or caught unexpectedly by ash, and the images are kept perfect as if made in stone.

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Tripps Travel Network highly recommends that if you are in central Italy, definitely include a trip to Pompeii. This is one UNESCO world heritage site that makes it seem like time has stood still. Add to that the fact that you will learn a great deal about the daily lives of everyday citizens of Italy from two millennia ago and a trip to Pompeii goes to the top for your list of places to visit in Italy.
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Tripps Travel Network Reviews Pompeii

Old house

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