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Packing is something quite essential to the traveling process, and it can be one of the most time-consuming parts of the process.

Tripps Travel Network states that figuring out what to bring in just a small amount of luggage can be difficult and may even lead to frustration. With clothes, entertainment, possible medications, and so many other items to remember, it can be hard to pack all of that without over-stuffing a suitcase. To help, here are some smart ways to make packing much more accessible.
Rolling clothes, as opposed to folding them, will make them more compact in the suitcase. This can be an excellent way to save space in the bag for other items, especially ones that take more space like shoes and clothes that might not be able to be rolled up. Be sure the clothes are folded nicely before rolling to prevent wrinkles.

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Only bring one or two pairs of shoes, and plan them accordingly so that the shoes can be worn for multiple occasions. Bring a comfortable pair for everyday activities, and a more delicate pair that can be worn if a night out to dinner is on the agenda. Shoes can take up a lot of space, but this is a great way to make sure there’s more room for other essential items.
Don’t bring the toiletries you don’t need. If you only use something once a week, the chances are that you won’t need it on vacation. If it’s possible, bring travel sizes of some of the toiletries that are required daily.

Tripps Travel Network believes that this will save a lot of space, and depending on the length of the trip; this would be all that’s needed, anyway.

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