Tripps Travel Network suggests upper New York state this coming year for a great adventure – The Historical Destination In New York

That Tripps the Travel Network of choice reviews say that known as America’s Fort, Fort Ticonderoga is a famous family historical destination in New York State.

Located in the Lake Champlain and Lake George area, Fort Ticonderoga is perhaps the most well known of all Revolutionary War forts. From Ethan Allen to the Green Mountain Boys, the history of this fort is vast as any other and historically quite crucial to the success of the country today.

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First built in the 18th century, Fort Ticonderoga was once known as Fort Carillon and was built by the Canadians as well as the French at the south end of Lake Champlain.

Very important for strategic reasons during the early battles between Great Britain and France it became most well known for its role during the Revolutionary War sometime later. After its usefulness during the war, however, the fort soon fell into disrepair until the 1820′s when a local family purchased the site and began allowing visitors to come and see this historic site. In the year 1909, the family started reconstructing the fort and collecting landmark collections including now, the largest and most comprehensive collection of weapons used during the Revolutionary War.

Considered one of the first historic preservation projects in all of North America, today it represents a part of our nation’s history and one of the top tourist destinations in the region. Over 2000 acres are located within the area overlooking the Green Mountains of Vermont and beautiful Lake Champlain and offer programs, and a museum and exhibits dedicated to the history of the Fort and the Nation.

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Fort Ticonderoga walls and cannon

Offering living history programs and special events throughout the year, when these events are not occurring, many exhibits and self-tours of the gardens, and the area offer many other things to see and do states the Tripps Travel Network reviews.

The Museum –

The Museum includes the historic weapons, everyday objects, and other items found on site relating to the history of the Fort. Also, other exhibits including the Art of War and Bullets and Blades offer famous and beautiful art pieces as well as a closer look at the new Cook Collection as well.
Gardens – The historic gardens located on site are a restored from the original Fort Garrison Garden. A Colonial Revival Kings Garden, it represents the beauty and the history of the area.

The Corn Maze –

Great for the kids, it opens in August and is a great activity for all ages.

Exploring –

Getting out and exploring the area, one of the most popular features of the landscape today is called Mount Defiance. Standing over 800 feet above Lake Champlain, it is a great place to see the Fort and the Lake. Free and open daily it even offers a place to picnic and takes in the views say the experts at Tripps the Travel Network of choice by many.

Get out and explore the history that is uniquely America at this world famous and popular attraction in the beautiful state of New York remind the members of Tripps when it comes to Travel our Network has you covered.

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