Tripps Travel Network knows that it is the beauty of the Niagara Falls that captives tourists to enjoy a holiday in Ontario. The fantastic beauty of its landscape and its two cascading waterfalls is what draws millions of tourists annually.

Niagara city is located directly across from Niagara River; its Canadian side offers an unobstructed view of the waterfalls and is more popular than its American side.

For quite sometime Niagara Falls has established itself as a gaming hotspot, and it is a perfect destination for tourists to set their luck on a lively slot machine.

Tripps Travel Network members boast that Niagara Falls, Canada is also recognized as the honeymoon capital of the world. It sure is the most romantic spot for couples that want to enjoy Niagara’s natural beauty. Its extensive park systems, upscale restaurants, and gourmet dining experiences are what lure the roving vacationers.

Many wedding ceremonies are held in the nearby resorts of the area offering a perfect backdrop of Niagara waterfall. Searching and making reservations will surely help to save your time and money; however, utilizing online travel or one on one concierge resources with Tripps will also help to enhance their overall holiday experience.

Tripps Travel Network says that accommodations in and around Niagara Falls are available to suit all budget types. Most of its luxury hotels offer dining, attractions, shopping, and personalized experiences and these hotels also provide indoor and outdoor swimming pools, well-equipped gyms and spas to revitalize your lost energy.

Whether you visit in winter or summer, you can enjoy wild water fun all year round at Niagara’s Indoor Water Park, complete with waterslides and wave pool. For nature, loving tourists hiking at the Niagara Glen is the easiest way to enjoy the experience. You can enjoy a view of the incredible George and walk through its woods witnessing gigantic boulders on the path.

Tripps Travel Network says that travelers, who are interested in a fun-filled mini getaway vacation in Niagara Falls, need to visit Clifton Hill, the world famous street of fun by the falls that offers unforgettable experiences for travelers.

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