Tripps Travel Network members say that the success of your vacation depends on the way you plan and pack for it. Few people enjoy packing for a vacation, as they sometimes do not know what to bring and what to leave behind. Moreover, packing it all in is really quite stressful for the whole family. What you plan to pack for a cruise vacation depends totally on two things: the destination(s) that you are heading to and the activities you are interested in experiencing. You can fit in more clothes if you are heading to a warm destination while for a cold region, you need a pack in extra sweaters and jeans.

Tripps Travel Network also members advise that in addition to all the necessary medications and clothing, you need to also carry all the required travel documents. Seasoned cruisers also make sure to pack items that will help to keep their cabins organized. You also need to pack in one or two formal dresses on your cruise vacation, as you will get to enjoy a formal dinner once or twice throughout the duration of your trip.

Tripps Travel Network also recommends that for tourists who plan to enjoy a snorkeling and diving excursion, do not bring your own gear. You should always remember that the gear offered by tour operators is rental quality, and you would not want take up valuable luggage space by toting heavy and cumbersome equipment.

Members say that the best way to enjoy a wonderful cruise vacation is to ask your cruise agents about any specific packing rules for the cruise that you want to sail on, as there are some cruise ships that may have special requirements, and thus, may affect your packing plans too.