Lights, camera, action! These words are exactly what people think when they hear Manhattan, New York; with its crowded streets, fast pace movement, and a city that never sleeps a vacation here will be a whirlwind of nonstop excitement. One of the most incredible sites Manhattan offers is the 9/11-tribute center that was constructed to memorialize the tragic events that took place on September 11, 2011. Tripps Travel Network recommends a walk through this center, and you are sure to be brought back in your memories to where you were when this attack took place; you are also sure to experience an incredible walk-through of courage, hope, and strength as well from all the heroes and helpers of this tragic event.

After touring this tribute, you will probably be in the mood for some fun and excitement. Stop by the Apollo Theater; this seventy-eight-year-old building is home to some of the history’s greatest moments, such as Ella Fitzgerald’s first performance in 1934, Jimi Hendrix’s winning at Amateur Night in 1964, and James Brown’s introduction to the mainstream that occurred at this theater.

Tripps Travel Network suggests engaging in the fun at the Apollo Theater, plan a day trip inside New York’s tallest building, the Empire State Building. Enjoy all 102 stories or just pick and choose what attractions you will visit to engage in during your travels, from restaurants, coffee shops, or even a virtual reality helicopter ride on a ride called Skyride.

You are going to want to experience the beautiful parks as well and all the designer clothing you can dream of in one of the largest fashion cities. You also want to drop by Rockefeller Center, especially if visiting during Christmas; you can catch the national tree lighting that takes place every year. With these suggestions, Tripps Travel Network guarantees a great trip to Manhattan, New York.