Tripps Travel Network Promotions recommends tourists who want to get away from the cold, gloomy winter to enjoy a holiday in Jamaica and experiences drastic changes of scenery, weather, and style.

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A Jamaican holiday in the sunny Caribbean destination can add an exciting twist to your New York holiday. The visitors will love every minute of their holiday experience in Jamaica, basking in the luxury of the warm, inviting weather with the cool Caribbean breeze blowing right against your face.

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Tripps Travel Network members recommend tourists in Jamaica to visit the Bellfield Great House, steeped in colonial history that stands out to be the oldest plantation house in Jamaica.

Its impressive mansion captures the spirit of the islands rich plantation history, right from its antique furnishing, tropical gardens, and expansive views.

Members love to sail on the gorgeous coastlines of Jamaica, just as the pirates did in the past. This is the area the tourist in Jamaica can jump abroad a swashbuckling pirate cruise while the local guide can help them to sail back in time to the intriguing adventures of Calico Jack and his band of female pirates. Visiting tourists get many opportunities to swim, snorkel or shoot pirate styled pictures on aboard. This is not something that the adventure-seeking tourist would want to miss while holidaying in Jamaica.

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Tripps Travel Network also recommends tourists to step back in time to explore the beginnings of Jamaica’s legendary Maroon. The water-sport activities of Aquasol Theme Park are fun as you can sip on your flip-flops and head down to the beach. You can enjoy a suntan on it soft sand, snorkel in its clear warm waters, jump on its water trampolines, go jet skiing and enjoy glass- bottom boat ride to explore and discover the unique plants and animals of the marine world.

Our travel experts suggest members say that your holiday experience will indeed not be complete if you haven’t tasted the traditional Jamaican Jerk Chicken. Sampling the conventional delights of Jamaica will undoubtedly add some extra heat to your holiday there.

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Spicy grilled jerk chicken

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