Tripps Travel Network offers few suggestions for travelers about to head to Southern Missouri, the Branson area in particular, that we would like to share with you.  Branson has been for many years a very popular tourist destination; it is in the heart of America and has an enormous amount of interesting, rich history for visitors to learn about while vacationing here.  One must see attractions in Branson, is the live show performed three evenings week; the Shepard of the Hills.

The Shepard of the Hills is a great American story that was written in 1907 by Harold Wright Bell, and it is based on actual people and events that occurred in the Ozark Mountains right around the Branson area in the late 1800’s.  The story as mentioned is one of the greatest American stories ever written and is a very dramatic tale, with many messages and morals that are still valid to this day, well over 100 years after the book was first published.  The Shepard of the Hills Theater is an outdoor amphitheater and the setting in the Ozark Mountains is breathtaking, the tall green trees, and the scenery is just amazing.

Before heading to the theater, guests can tour “Old Matt’s cabin” the home of some of the characters from the tale, which still stands on the property today and can be visited before the show. There is also a tower that guests can take an elevator to the top off and have an utterly amazing view of Branson area.  The show is about 2 hours, and the story is very touching, and Tripps Travel Network strongly suggests booking your tickets upon arriving in Branson for this excellent performance.

Tripps Travel Network Shares Best Travel Tips For Southern Missouri

Tripps Travel Network members also suggest looking into the other shows on and off the Branson strip available for your viewing pleasure.  Everything from comedy, tribute band musical shows, magic shows, and many famous singers have summer shows in Branson.  In the winter time, they change and have a different type of shows which feature Christmas shows, all of which are also very entertaining and fun.

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One of Tripps Travel Network  ‘s strong recommendations is the “Legends” tribute and show; this show is fun and entertaining and features some of the greatest hits from bands and singers like; Elvis, the Temptations, The Blues Brothers, Shania Twain, and much more!  There are at any given time over 100 shows Branson is also known as the Country music Capital of the world, and many great groups and musicians make this a main stop on their nationwide tours.

Tripps Travel Network members are sure that Branson will be fun for the whole family, from amusement parks, excellent food, and world class entertainment Branson is a great affordable place to book an upcoming trip.  Being in the Mid-West, for all that Branson offers, you do get a lot of Bang for your buck, it is excellent value for your vacation dollar and for that and many more reasons, is a Tripps Travel Network.